Surfer Webinar - Create a Site Suitability Model

Before the start of any construction project, a site suitability model is conducted to ensure the location supports the requirements of the infrastructure. Factors such as slope, elevation, environmental impact, or zoning restrictions must all be taken into consideration to save time and money. 

Surfer, our 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis program, offers numerous tools to create site suitability models. Learn how to use these tools to analyze the terrain, omit areas which do not match the criteria, and pinpoint the optimal location for construction. 

This webinar recording goes over the following topics:  

  1. What is a site suitability model?
  2. How a site suitability model works.
  3. How to create input grid layers for the suitability model.
  4. How to add together grid layers for the model using the Grid Math command.
  5. How to use the final output model to determine the best locations for a new manufacturing facility per the input criteria.


Length: 34:25

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