How do I turn auto-renewal On or Off?

By default, auto-renewal for your Surfer or Grapher annual software maintenance is set to OFF. If you choose to turn auto-renewal ON, then the day your software maintenance is set to expire the credit or debit card on file is automatically charged and your software maintenace is extended by one year.

Software maintenance entitles you to new product releases, discounts on training classes, and many other benefits

To change your credit card information, review this article: How do I add, update, or delete my credit/debit card on file?

To change the auto-renewal settings:

  1. Log in to My Account at
  2. Click the My Products button.
  3. Locate the product in the product list.
  4. If Auto renewal is ON, click the Turn OFF link to turn OFF auto-renewal.
  5. If Auto renewal is OFF, click the Turn ON link to turn ON auto-renewal.
    1. When turning auto-renewal ON, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information if a card is not on file. 


Updated August 31, 2018




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