How do I (IT admin) install and activate the software for use on another user account?

Important Note: This article only applies to Surfer 14/15, Grapher 13, and Strater 5.5.  In these versions a license activation only activates the logged in user.  In later versions a license activation makes the license available to all users on a computer and the following steps are not needed.

When installing a single-user license of Surfer 14/15, Grapher 13, and Strater 5.5 for an end-user it is important that the software be activated in the end-user's computer account.  During activation the product key and license are associated with the current user account.  

If the user has access to the product key, the software can be installed normally by the admin and the end-user can then complete the steps in How Do I Activate My Golden Software License? to access their license.

If the user will not have access to the product key, the software can be installed normally by the admin but the product key to activate must be defined in the Windows Registry for the appropriate end-user. Follow the steps below to do this.

    1. Open the Windows Registry Editor.
    2. Click the HKEY_USERS key and then click File | Load Hive.
    3. In the Load Hive dialog, navigate to C:\Users\<username>\.
    4. Enter ntuser.dat in the File name field and then click Open.
    5. In the Load Hive dialog, enter the user's name in the Key Name field and then click OK.
    6. In the loaded hive, navigate to the Software | Golden Software | <Product name> | Licensing key.  If any of these keys are not present, create them by completing the steps below.
      1. Right-click the key in which the new key should be created, Golden Software for example.
      2. Click New | Key in the context menu.
      3. Enter the appropriate key name, Surfer for example.
    7. Right-click the Licensing key and click New | String Value.
    8. Enter ProductKeyToActivate as the string name.
    9. Double-click the ProductKeyToActivate string to open the Edit String dialog.
    10. Enter the product key in the Value data field and then click OK.
    11. Close the Registry Editor.

Now the software will activate the specified product key the next time the user runs the software.

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Updated November 1, 2018

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