I have seismic velocity/resistivity profiles in Surfer. How can I plot these in 3D in Voxler?

If you have one or more seismic velocity or resistivity profiles in Surfer like the one below, and you want to plot them in 3D like a fence diagram, there are a few different methods you can use.


Method 1 - Bring the Surfer grids directly into Voxler:

  1. Click File | Import.
  2. Select your grid file and click Open.
  3. In the Lattice Import Options dialog, toggle Import as uniform lattice (default) and click OK.
  4. Right click on the grid file in the Network Manager and click Computational | Transform.
  5. Right click on the Transform module in the Network Manager and click Graphics Output | ObliqueImage.
  6. Select the Transform module in the Network Manager.
  7. On the Transform page in the Property Manager, change the values in the Rotation and Translation sections to rotate and shift the grid to the appropriate location.


Method 2 - Export the Surfer map to BLN

  1. Click File | Open.
  2. Select the BLN file and click Open. This opens the BLN in the worksheet.
  3. Cut column A and paste it into column C.
  4. Delete the empty column A. This swaps the Y and Z columns.
  5. Swap the values from A1 and B1 to maintain the BLN formatting.
  6. Click File | Save.
  7. Click File | New | Project.
  8. Click File | Import.
  9. Select the resaved BLN file and click Open.


Method 3 - Export the Surfer map to an image file and then position the image in Voxler by following the instructions here.


Updated March 2, 2018

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