Surfer Webinar: Georeference Imagery and Recreate Contours in Surfer

Dust off those paper maps and convert them into a dynamic digital format. This video will show you how to do just that using Surfer’s powerful tools. 

Scanned maps do not typically contain spatial reference information. Therefore, it’s important to assign this information so the scanned map can be analyzed alongside other geographic data. Learn how to georeferenced the maps and recreate the contour lines.

This webinar recording goes over the following topics:  

  1. Georeferencing an image.
  2. Digitizing the contour lines on the georeferenced image.
  3. Creating an editable contour map from the digitized contour lines.

Surfer v14 was used in this video, but the same workflows apply to later versions of Surfer. 

Length: 27:39


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