Why are there empty pages at the end of my Strater project?

The most common reason that empty pages display at the end of your Strater project is that there are drawn objects in your file extending past the limits of your first page. This may happen if you designed logs for one borehole and then changed the hole ID of the view to a shorter log. The drawn objects will display at the depths they were drawn at, so this may extend the project. For example, if Borehole 1 logs displayed from 0-100 and you drew a vertical line between two logs that extended from 20-70, changing the hole ID to Borehole 2 where those logs only display from 0-30 will leave extra pages at the end of the file since the line is still drawn from 20-70.


To correct this:

  1. Select any drawn objects on the page or in the Object Manager.
  2. Either delete or reshape the objects:
    1. Press DELETE on your keyboard to delete the objects.
    2. Click and drag the selection handles around the object to resize it so it no longer extends past the end of the page your logs are displayed on (this is easier if you first change the Log display mode of the view to Full view). Alternatively, you can update the Height of the object on the Arrange tab in the ribbon bar and then manually move the object to the first page in the project (or adjust the Y position on that same tab).
  3. If necessary, change the Depth settings property for the view to force a redraw.


Updated May 24, 2017

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